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The Woman in the Window

IMDb 7.8 107 min
Professor Richard Wanley, at the university's psychology department, lectures about the homicidal impulse. But the subject is about to become closer to him than he could have imagined. Standing before a display window and admiring a painting of a beautiful woman leads him to meet the subject of the artwork. Wanley's dull life is about to take a turn toward the adventure he craves--or thinks he craves until he gets it. In the woman's apartment, a man suddenly storms in and attacks him. The woman hands Wanley a pair of scissors to defend himself. And suddenly Wanley has a body to dispose of. Meanwhile, Wanley's two friends prove to be fateful. One is a doctor who can prescribe him a sleeping potion. The other is the district attorney investigating a man's disappearance. And a stranger with a penchant for blackmail may seal his fate.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Raymond Massey, Edward G Robinson, Dan Duryea, Joan Bennett, Edmund Breon, Dorothy Peterson, Thomas E Jackson, Arthur Loft
Fritz Lang
United States
6.6 / 9 times
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